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Focus Groups

The best leaders in the world lead themselves to higher levels by calibrating support and challenge to themselves and to those they lead.

100X Leaders

We call them 100X Leaders –

leaders who are moving towards 100% health and who have learned how to multiply what they know into the lives of others.

100X Mindset

Successful GiANT Guides embody a 100X mindset and approach to life.

Personal Experience

Before you can lead others toward liberation, you must experience personal liberation, build credibility, and establish trust.

If you’re ready for the journey, we’ll help you get there.

What You'll Receive

This intentional 100-day process is designed to help you experience personal liberation and find clarity for your next steps.

Here’s how…

Weekly Video Training

Access to weekly video training focused on learning & practical tools.

100 Exercise

A weekly 100 Exercise focused on helping you improve your own personal leadership

X Challenge

A weekly X Challenge focused on helping you take what you have learned and impact others immediately

Core Group

Bi-weekly 90-minute core group sessions aimed at deepening understanding & application while providing accountability on the journey

1-to-1 Coaching

Regular 1:1 coaching to help you process your learning and take meaningful action toward your goals

The Benefits

Actively invest in your own growth to become the best leader you can be

Systematic, proven process for developing toward optimal health & high-performance

Real-world & immediate application of what you are learning each week

Relational connection & support from GiANT Guides fighting for your best.

Experience GiANT first-hand and manage the risks compared to entering GiANT alone.

Valuable Investment — $299/month for 4 months

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