Team Performance Accelerator

100 Days to Team Growth

The average team functions at less than 60% of its true potential.

Increase Confidence
+ Self-Awareness

The #1 key to team growth starts with understanding the unique power each person brings to the team.

Deepen Relational Trust

Understanding each person's unique power provides a landscape to build bridges and leverage every team member's strengths.

Build True Collaboration

Unlock the true potential of your team: trust + collaboration will build a team that performs at a higher level with less unnecessary drama & conflict.

Greater Alignment
+ Team Performance

When your team is aligned around strengths, building trust, and sharing a common language, you'll be amazed how well they perform.

If your team is ready for the journey,

we’ll help you get there.

New Cohort Launches every month.

We'll make sure you make the most of it.

What You'll Receive

This intentional 100-day process is designed to guide your team to experience liberation and find clarity for your next steps.

Here’s how…

Monthly Workshop

Access to virtual training focused on learning & practical tools. Meet with your team and being applying the tools.

Leader Meetups

Team leaders will meet each month for peer learning, problem-solving, and Q&A with our team. We will also preview the Team Exercise you can use in your next team meeting.

LRN Podcast

Short episodes recorded specifically to guide you through reflection and application.

Team Exercises

Team Exercises are short practical team reflections designed to reinforce the workshop learning and ensure your team is locked and loaded.

Day 101 Gameplan

People take time. 100 Days will bring significant changes, but it won't fix everything. We'll work with you 1-to-1 to develop your personalized 101st Day Gameplan.

The Benefits

Actively invest in your team's growth to become the best you can be.

Systematic, proven process for developing your team toward high-performance potential.

Real-world & immediate application of what you are learning each month.

Relational connection & support from our team, fighting for your best.

Walk step-by-step alongside other leaders, learning from the best.

Valuable Investment — $750/month for 3 months per team (up to 8 people).

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