Stronger Healthcare Leadership for a Digital world


Stronger Healthcare Leadership for the Digital World

The experience did, however, give me a different perspective that challenged the expected “norm” that I’d find if I just read news headlines.

“[Our nurses] become more self-aware, confident, better at managing their teams, and more collaborative with better decision-making skills.

After the program, we find they can

  • communicate better
  • lead transformational change intentionally
  • role model consistency
  • respond to crises more calmly
  • practice gratitude and appreciation
  • leverage their leadership influence
  • and build high-performing teams.

Investing in the program contributes to our employee engagement, growth, and retention. It also helped us cultivate a culture where every voice is valued, celebrated, and supported.”

Nursing Leadership Development

The interdisciplinary programs led by Laarni and her team develop the whole nurse. More than 400 nurses have worked to develop their unique leadership voice since our partnership began in 2019.

Nursing leadership needs to include comprehensive content including mental health, well-being, and professional skills.

Our workshop sessions have complemented this work by providing relevant leadership skills for the fast-paced environment of nursing.

Laarni Florencio
Laarni Florencio, MSN, RN, CNL

Philippine Nurses Association of America

/ NewYork-Presbyterian

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